Check out the New fufu pounding machine made in Ghana [video]

Fufu is a Ghanaian delicacy loved by many, but the tedious and stringent procedure it requires to prepare puts a lot of people off.

A new fufu pounding machine has been built in Ghana by the Casa De Ropa Potato processing factory.

From a video shared by a Facebook user, Richard Kwadwo Nyarko, the machine could be seen doing the job of the pounder whiles a man sat doing the turning of the crushed cassava and plantain to make it smoother and soft.

There have been other inventions of fufu machines which are mostly designed to be grinders. However, a lot of fufu lovers have complained that it doesn’t taste like the ‘real pounded fufu’ for them.

But with this new machine, the pounding still remains just as a human being would do it.

The machine has a place that holds the pestle and once it is turned on, it begins to crush the cooked cassava and plantain in a timely manner. Its speed can also be controlled.


Credit: celebritiesbuzz

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