Big payday for Villagers in Congo as they fill sacks and buckets, after discovering a whole mountain full of Gold [watch video]

Growing up in Ghana, we often hear the history of how The Gold Coast, as Ghana was called at the time, had bars of gold literally spread around and how one could easily find and pick up this precious mineral without necessarily having to dig deep.

Fast forward to our day, we all can attest to how difficult it is to come by gold in present day Ghana, with some even losing their precious lives in deep pits all in attempt to find just a piece of the precious metal.

The story is different in Congo however as villagers in a part of the country have discovered a whole mountain full of gold.

The story was shared on twitter by Africa Facts Zone (@AfricaFactsZone), a reputable and credible handle or account that share factual information or happenings across the African continent.

In the video, a group of villagers numbering into the hundreds could be seen on a mounting busily digging and bagging what is allegedly supposed to be gold.

If what they gathered or dug up is indeed the precious mineral, then those villagers have surely taken their destinies into their own hands and are in for a huge life-changing payday.

Watch the video below:


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