Ban “Counselor” George Lutterodt from all TV and Radio stations – Social media petitions

Most, if not all Ghanaians seem to have had enough of George Lutterodt’s “irresponsible” and insensitive comments, and they are calling on the Ministry of Communications or appropriate body to ban him from all Tv and Radion stations.

The self-acclaimed counselor is arguably the most controversial person in Ghana. He is almost always in the news for making outrageous and ridiculous statements or comments.

Over the years, he’s made interesting, witty, and sometimes funny comments and propaganda that has made many people love to listen to him.

There’s also a section of the public who are indifferent to or dislike him for his often blunt and extreme utterances.

In a bid to gain headlines or attention like he always does, George Lutterodt made a statement about rape victims that has backfired big time.

In a show on Adom Tv, the counselor made an irresponsible comment that “Every rape victim enjoys the act”, video below.

This statement by the self-acclaimed counselor has sparked serious outrage on social media since yesterday, with a lot of celebrities and organizations condemning what he said.

Check out some of the reactions below.

Source: wetaya.com

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