Avram Ben Moshe, the man who said the God found in the Bible is fake, has been idenfied as a “Demon” – An Evangelist reveals

An evangelist with the Kumasi Nhyiaeso branch of the Assemblies of God church identified as Osei Kwame has warned Ghanaians especially the media to stop entertaining Avram because he is a demon.

Avram Ben Moshe is noted for passing comments about the bible and punching holes in some of the text in the holy book of Christians.

According to the Assemblies of God evangelist, Ben Moshie who runs Common sense family is an anti-christ and has been possessed by the devil.

“those who are entertaining demonic Avram Ben Moshe and giving him the platform to speak against the word of God should change or face God’s wrath”.

“Ghanaians should know the end time is near since people like Avram Ben Moshe is pushing an agenda to challenge bible verses and introduce different doctrine” Evangelist Osei Kwame said.

“God will surely deal with anyone who will challenge the word of God like Avram Ben Moshe and those who will give people like Avram Ben Moshe will never be spared. It is better the media stop entertaining him else God will never forgive and spare them”.


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