Another beautiful Slay Queen goes [email protected] in broad daylight

It seems 2021 is a bad year for “Slay Queens”, as we keep getting sad and unfortunate news about pretty young ladies.

Just a few days after the sad incident of Ama Broni’s death, another video of a heavily endowed young lady who allegedly went mad in broad daylight has hit the internet.

Even though we can’t confirm the cause of the behaviour or state of the young lady in the video, it is rumoured that the lady all of a sudden started misbehaving abnormally after getting out of a hotel.

The tone of voice and English spoken by the onlookers suggest that this happened in Nigeria.

In the video, we see the young lady gradually take off her trousers and pants in the full glare of onlookers, as she throws stones at some of them.

One of the onlookers however was wise and decent enough to cover her up with a jeans jacket, but the lady kept resisting.

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