American rapper Vicmensa jumps on Yaw Tog’s SORE Kumerican beat and spits a verse, remix soon? O’Kenneth, City Boy, Reggie Jay and Jay Bahd

Couple of days ago Twitter user @ShaunGaKill posted snippet of Yaw Tog’s drill song SORE on his Twitter TL and the music has gone viral amassing 2.6million views in a little over 48hrs.

Yaw Tog song features other rappers like O’Kenneth, City Boy, Reggie Jay and Jay Bahd. The unique track & video has captured the hearts of many hiphop lovers who are seen jamming to the song not excluding American rapper Vicmensa.

The half Ghanaian American Vicmensa couldn’t help but jump on the beat and spit some fire verses in his studio.

Watch the video below:

Should we expect a remix soon? Many hip-hop fans would definitely love that.

Stream the full sore track here

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