Akufo-Addo once said homosexuality is bound to be legalized in Ghana [Video]

An old video of President Akufo Addo stating that homosexuality is bound to be legalized in Ghana has resurfaced.

The conversation about accepting the variety of sexual orientations across the world is indeed a delicate one.

In the past week, the LGBTQI community in Ghana have awoken the conversation about accepting and legalizing what they consider their nature and not just a choice.

Homosexuality has a cultural and spiritual bearing in Ghana and while some have advocated for it, others have labelled it an abomination.

Meanwhile, a flashback to when Akufo Addo admitted that the act would eventually be legal has hit social media.

In an interview with Aljazeera, the President of the Republic pointed out that it will take a massive revolt by individuals and organisations involved to push the hand of the law.

He explained that culturally the people of Ghana would have to grow into accepting the various sexual orientations just like most western countries have.

Akufo Addo maintained that back when he schooled in the UK, homosexuality was illegal but it took rigorous protests from the LGBTQI community over time to make it culturally acceptable.



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