After mosquitoes, humans and snakes are the two most deadliest animals to humans

It would interest you to know, the list of the deadliest animals to humans worldwide, measured by the number of deaths caused by these animals begins with mosquitoes. A study from CNET reveals that, mainly from malaria, mosquitoes kill about one million people every year.

Next to mosquitoes on this list is humans. Humans kill an average of 475,000 humans every year. Note that the number for humans here is for murder only. If we were to include the average of 1,250,000 who die each year from accidents, along with suicide, approximately 800,000 per year, that would bring humans to the top of the list. This is without even considering other human causes, such as war, other accidents, drug abuse, smoking, alcohol, and human mediated diseases.

The third leading cause of human deaths by animals, is reportedly snakes. Aside the symptoms from a venomous bite such as swelling, redness, severe pain, bleeding, vomiting and blurred vision, snakes are known to kill an average of 50,000 humans every year from snakebites.

The fourth is said to be from dog bites causing rabies. These animals as reported by CNET, BBC and Business Insider, are known to be the deadliest to humans. Despite the fact that the number of deaths caused by these animals are slightly less in the BBC and Insider report, the order of the most deadliest to the least remains the same.

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