Actor Kanayo O. Kanayo reacts to ritual comments about his #Don’tLeaveMe challenge (videos)

Veteran Nigerian actor Kanayo O. Kanayo has taken to social media to express his displeasure about how some Nigerians constantly talk about his roles in past movies.

The actor spoke out about this after he recently partook in the Don’t Leave Me challenge going viral on social media.

The challenge is about playing with words. A lot of people have been doing the challenge and the actor also joined them.

In the video that was spotted online, Kanayo asked if a cat on a pillar makes it a caterpillar. Usually, there should be a hypeman in the video telling him not to leave after his wordplay while he runs off, but there was no one.

As expected, Nigerians reacted to the video and someone said that he had used his hypeman for rituals.

Watch him do the challenge below:

The comment did not seem to please the veteran actor as he took to Instagram to talk about it. According to him, the people who are constantly talking about his ritual roles in movies are distractors.

“We are doing something about this Don’t Leave Me challenge, all you’re talking about is rituals. Go and do rituals with yourself. I’m playing a role. I’m not angry but the fact is that there are some people who don’t contribute anything to followership. All they want to do is distract you and when I go on their page, I see that they have only two people following them, meanwhile, they are following about 1,000 people, so, why should I worry about you? But I don’t want you to distract others, let’s talk real,” the actor said.


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