A/R, Manhyia: police arrest woman who planned to kill her husband

The Manhyia Divisional Police Commander, ACP Kwaku Buah is being widely commended for arresting a woman and her lover who connived to kill the woman’s husband.

It took ACP Kwaku Buah and his team of undercover investigators three weeks to follow-up on the matter and eventually arrest the duo on the day they planned to kill their victim.

The woman, Mavis Brepor, alias Maadwoa, aged 32, together with her boyfriend, 50-year-old Patrick Asare whom she’s been seeing for about six months, decided to kill 52-year-old David Gator so that the two can settle down.

According to ACP Kwaku Buah, while calling a would-be contract killer, Patrick Asare mistakenly called him [the Police Commander instead].

“He [Patrick Asare] called the commander unknowingly and called him ‘killer’… That information was like a pot of gold to us and it was important we managed it well and that is what we did.”

“We talked for about three weeks and during the discussions. We needed to lure him to Kumasi which we did to finalize the arrangement with my undercover investigators.”

“Gator is married to Mavis for over 13 years now and they have three kids. They have been able to put up a house in the village and they are putting up another one in the bigger town and for about six months now, Asare and Mavis have been having an amorous affair and they have even done a blood covenant.”

“The best means to live forever is to eliminate the husband, that was their reason,” ACP Kwaku Buah said on Thursday.

Plan A, B, C

The Police Commander revealed that the two lovers had put in place three different plans of killing Mr Gator; the first of which failed to materialize.

It was on the attempt at executing plan B on Saturday, May 2, 2020, that saw the police moving in to save Mr Gator and arrest the suspects.

“Their plan A was to poison the man with ground (powdered) bottle. When this thing was given to the woman to go and do, she didn’t do it because the man always eats with the kids and sometimes herself so by poisoning him, all the kids would have all died.”

“Plan B was to get some people from Sefwi to come and kill him and these people were my undercover police personnel, my great team of investigators who have done so much for all of us today, otherwise Gator would have been dead by now.”

“If we had not swiftly moved in on the day of the planned killing, this man would have gone to Nima to get some thugs to come and kill him.”

Gator in tears

“We did manage him. He would have fallen flat on the ground and injured himself and perhaps hospitalized. We went to the house of Mr Gator who was happily eating, laughing and chatting with the wife unknown to him, the wife and the boyfriend had planned to kill him. He welcomed us and he is a very humble person. I believe God is on his side.”

“When we broke the news to him, he broke down in tears.”

“He began to sweat profusely and we had to calm him down, get him water to drink and even counsel him.”

Suspects in custody

ACP Kwaku Buah said the two suspects are currently in their custody. They will soon be processed for court.

Hallmark of a professional

The work of the Manhyia Divisional Police Commander, ACP Kwaku Buah and his team of investigators has triggered public commendation their demonstrated “professionalism” and dedication to duty in saving the life of Mr. Gator.

After the airing of the interview with the police officer, many listeners expressed deep appreciation for work done.

Source: Jonas Nyabor/citinewsroom

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