A phone that uses AI to prevent you from taking naked selfies

Tone Mobile, a Japanese low-cost smartphone provider, has released it’s newest smartphone model named Tone e20 with an interesting implementation of AI (Artificial intelligence). Priced at a very reasonable US$180, the 6.26 inch phone comes with an embedded AI software in the camera, called “Smartphone Protection.”

Smartphone Protection is an AI system that works with the Tone e20’s camera. After a photo is taken, Smartphone Protection analyzes the image and checks to see if it’s “inappropriate.”

Although Tone Mobile doesn’t say exactly where that line is drawn, it has announced that Smartphone Protection won’t allow you to take naked selfies. If you take a picture that the phone’s image-processing algorithm suspects is a nude, you’ll get an error message saying that the photo cannot be taken, and the image data will be discarded without being saved.

With smartphones all being instantly Internet ready, the company wants to provide increased security for minors who may be targeted by online scams and coercion tactics in which they’re tricked or threatened into sending nude pictures of themselves.

A study shared by the New York Post, revealed that by the age of 8 years old, about 15.5 percent of girls have began taking nude pictures of themselves, compared to 5.9 percent of boys the same age. These numbers are seen to increase as these children grow. With a significant number of them growing up to regret it, smartphone protection seeks to prevent youngsters from taking and spreading photos they one day may regret.

To that end, Smartphone Protection can also be linked via an app to a parent or guardian’s phone. If the link is established, when the user attempts to take an inappropriate photo the parent’s phone receives an alert, which contains the date and time of the attempted photo, GPS information for where the attempt took place, and a pixelated thumbnail of the photo.

The Tone e20 is only available in Japan.

Source: SoraNews24

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