A pastor in South Africa is selling face masks for R800 ($48), claims it’s been washed with the blood of Jesus

At last, churches have been permitted to operate under lockdown alert level 3 but not at their full capacity. They are allowed to permit 50 people in the church hall and a church in Roodepoort has prepared their service and they are looking forward to selling masks for about R800 each.

Recently, President Ramaphosa announced that pastors are permitted to open their churches if they will be able to conduct their services as long as they are abiding by the covid-19 regulations and not putting other people’s lives at risk. Following this announcement, other church leaders made it clear they are not yet ready to resume their services and made a decision to not open at all.

In as much as many South Africans would have loved to see churches setting an example with the assistance in stopping the spread of this virus, that does not seem to be the case. Many church leaders have welcomed the idea of resuming services, but the minority have decided to open and start off by having small conferences that might look like just a reason to make money which was lost during the strict lockdown when churches were not permitted to operate.

HP Cornerstone International Ministries pastor posted a flyer on social media, informing its congregants that they will be having the transformational worship Sunday, with other guest speakers on that day sharing the word of God from 9am to 11am and advising his congregants that miracle masks were going to be sold at around R800 and that the masks are washed by the blood of Jesus.

Does this saga of a church selling a mask for R800 imply that the only reason that this service is going to be held is that churches want to make money? This is a question that still needs to be answered by some church leaders.

The people of Roodepoort will surely be getting some miracle masks by Sunday that are actually worth groceries that could last for a month, but as they claim that the mask can heal any disease because it’s been washed by the blood of Jesus, many may prefer the mask to groceries.

We can only see if this is actually true by the end of that Sunday service and maybe a better explanation might be given on how it has been washed by the blood of Jesus.

Source: connectstoall

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