A man tried selling a country on Ebay in 2006

Confidence and ambition are two qualities that spur individuals on to accomplish great things, but some people take it to a whole different level. For such people, the “Sky is not the limit”, but just a stepping stone. We all know the kind of goods that are sold or auctioned on ebay, electronics, furniture etc, but in 2006, an unusual commodity was being auctioned on the site.

A citizen of Australia attempted to sell the country of New Zealand in May 2006. The bid had reached $3000 before it was taken down due to a violation of eBay’s policy. I guess you can’t sell a country without the consent of its people (4.185 million then).

Brisk bidding saw the price quickly climb from just one Australian cent to A$3,000 (£1,230), until eBay managers pulled the auction from the website.

DATE: May 2006

ITEM: New Zealand


SOLD?/ENDING BID: No; violation.

Kwame Sektor

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