A Kayaye makes average monthly salary of GHC1,103, Cleaner GHC992, Nursery school teacher GHC961 & others, in a survey of top 10 worst jobs in Ghana

A survey conducted by Paylab salary survey, an international salary survey platform that collects information on the incomes and bonuses of employees in various positions.

The platform uses a unique methodology for collecting data with a three-phase control and over ten years’ experience.

Their survey system uses current data for the last 12 months.

Updated surveys reveals the average monthly salary of some top 10 worst jobs in Ghana.

The list is as follows:

1. Nursery School Teacher Assistant (GHC961)

2. Cleaner (GHC992)

3. Seamstress (GHC1,038)

4. Shop Assistant (GHC1,073)

5. Porter (GHC1,103)

6. Petrol Station Attendant (GHC1,110)

7. Security Guard (GHC1,117)

8. Medical Orderly (GHC1,124)

9. Assistant Teacher (GHC1,130)

10. Caregiver (GHC1,156)

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