4 Reasons why you still SINGLE

Just for the record, being single isn’t a bad thing, you can be single and happy, hooking up with someone doesn’t always guarantee happiness. Nobody can make you happy but yourself, but if you’re single, then I think i know FOUR reasons why you are:

Number 1: You’re talking to someone

If you’re single, I’m pretty sure, there’s someone you’re talking to, or perhaps into. You obviously like this person, you day-dream about them, chat and talk with them all day. Maybe you’ve even developed feelings for this person. You might be hoping that the feelings will be mutual. If you ignore other people for this person just because you like them, but that doesn’t mean you’ll end up being with them. But you’re SINGLE regardless, talking to someone you like doesn’t make it a relationship. My advice: never get too attached to someone, maybe they don’t share the same feelings like you do, be open minded, and have fun.

Number 2: Stuck on an ex

You had a beautiful fairy tale relationship. Full of love and bliss. You’ve never loved anyone the way you loved them, and they loved you back. But suddendly the relantionship ends, a painful break up. But you still love them, and you still want them back, ignoring people who are interested in you. Maybe the break-up was your fault, and you wish to rectify it, so you tell yourself, your ex will come back to you. You stalk your ex, watch their DP on whatsapp, send them anonymous texts and calls, hating on people who are seen with your ex, day dreaming about them but in truth, you’re SINGLE. My advice: quit wasting your time on someone who doesn’t want you, they are probably happy without you, so pick yourself up, move on, meet new people, keep an open mind, and be happy, thinking about an ex is bad for your health.

Number 3Chasing someone who’s taken

Everyday you picture a scene like this with someone you really like. You might even be talking to them. You picture yourself in their arms, perhaps kissing and cuddling you. Beautiful ain’t it? But the problem is, that person might be taken; dating, married or engaged to someone else. Deep down you wish it were you, then reality slaps you in the face when you go to bed alone. Don’t get attached to someone who is taken, cos if they love their partner, in the long run, you’ll end up wasting your time and getting hurt in the process. My advice: don’t be a witch or wizard in someone’s relationship, how would you feel if someone was chasing your man or woman? Stay off people’s “bae” and find your own “bae” that will make you equally happy.

Number 4: Ignoring someone who wants you

When a friend ignores you, it really hurts, doesn’t it? yeah it does. That’s how it feels when you ignore someone who wants you. Maybe you just got out of a painful break-up from your previous relationship, so you need sometime alone to adjust to being single, and that’s fine, but the question is, how long you gonna grieve over an ex? Just because your previous relationship didn’t work out doesn’t mean every guy or girl are all the same, this isn’t a warrant for you to ignore people who genuinely want to make you happy. My advice: learn from your previous relationship, choose the people you date wisely, don’t grieve over an ex for too long, show your ex you’re better off without them by engaging with other people, if you keep on ignoring people who want you, you might ignore the good ones and end up with a bad one again. Keep on ignoring those who care about you and watch them walk out of your life, never to return forever.

A. CleDre

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