19-year-old boy arrested for opening a fake branch of the State Bank of India

In a shocking incident, a 19-year-old boy was arrested by the police in Tamil Nadu’s Panruti for allegedly trying to “open a branch of the State Bank of India”.

According to a report by news agency PTI, the accused is the son of a former bank manager. He along with two others tried to run a fake branch of the State Bank of India at the Cuddalore district in Tamil Nadu.

The three men arrested by the police have been identified as Kamal Babu (19), Manickam (52) who made fake seals, and Kumar (42), who printed the challans.

The forgery came into light after SBI Panruti branch manager Venkatesan complained about the ‘functioning’ of a fake ‘North Bazaar branch of the SBI’. Following the complaint, the police investigated the matter and found that a duplicate branch was set up by the boy which exactly looked like a normal SBI branch.

“He even calmly told us that he awaited approval from Mumbai to open the (SBI) branch and that he was about to put up a signboard,” the police said while adding that the 19-year-old man had tried unsuccessfully to get employment on compassionate grounds in the SBI following the death of his father in harness.

On being asked if they had cheated people by accepting deposits or facilitating loans, inspector K Ambethkar told PTI that they have not received any complaints till now.

According to police, Kamal’s late father had worked for SBI and his mother had retired from the same bank some time back. Investigation has revealed that the man was “very knowledgeable” about the working of a bank considering his family background.

However, his mother and a relative who’s living with them had no idea about Kamal’s plan. On the suspected motive, the police said that several of Kamal’s replies were incomprehensible, childish, and strange notwithstanding his excellent understanding of the banking processes.


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